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Yaletown Nutrition is unique due to its different levels of services offered to meet each individual or group's specific needs. Programs are tailored on a case-by-case basis based on lifestyle, food preferences, health goals, and metabolic needs. Contact us and we can customize a program to suit your needs. We also offer business consulting, public speaking and workshop services contracted hourly.

from $169 / package

Jump Start!

Perfect for people who are looking to improve their diet, but aren’t exactly sure how to make that first step and in which direction to go. Or people who have already made improvements to their diet, but would like to see if they are on the right track, meeting all of their nutritional needs, and would like further suggestions for improvements. Great for ensuring your meeting your needs on a vegetarian or vegan diet, or for balancing your meals and meal timing for your sport or physical activity levels.
This package includes:
• Initial nutrition assessment (75 minutes)
• Personalized nutritional requirements
• Goal setting
• Guidance for meal planning
• Written summary of recommendations

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from $469 / package

Habit Changer

You’ve tried dieting and no matter what you do, it never seems to last. With this package, you will work with Liz to ditch the diet mentality and gradually implement small changes in your routine to develop new habits. With her Habit Changer Program, you will be given step-by-step guidance to creating a healthy eating routine you actually enjoy and will stick to for life.
This package includes:
• Initial nutrition assessment (75 minutes)
• Meal planning guidance and goal setting
• Written summary of recommendations
• Email support
• Four follow-up appointments (45 minutes each)

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from $329 / package

Weight Management

We live in a weight-focused and diet centric society, and these mentalities can significantly harm our relationship with food and our bodies. Engaging in restricting eating behaviours and weight cycling over and over can negatively impact our health. Work with Liz to make peace with food and build new habits that focus on self-care, and nourishing your body to optimize your mental and physical well-being, and learn about all the nutritious things you can add to your diet, rather than take away!
This package includes:
• Initial nutrition assessment (75 minutes)
• Personalized nutritional requirements
• Meal planning guidance
• Written summary of recommendations
• Two follow-up appointments (45 minutes each)

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from $399 / package

Gut Health

Do you suffer from bloating, abdominal discomfort, diarrhea and/or constipation? Struggling to figure out what you can eat to avoid aggravating your symptoms. Recently diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), or other digestive health issue? With this package, we will work together to determine your food triggers and develop an eating plan that helps to manage your symptoms and promote overall health
This package includes:
• Initial nutrition assessment (75 minutes)
• Food journal and symptom log analysis
• Individualized approach to symptom management
• Written summary of recommendations
• Three follow-up appointments (45 minutes each)

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from $99 / session

Grocery Store Tour

Ever feel overwhelmed in the grocery store with all the new products on the shelves and health claims? Do you find that you're always grabbing the same items and you're unsure what to choose when you try to change things up? Spend an hour and a half with Liz on a personalized grocery store tour.
With this package you will learn:
• How to read nutrition labels
• How to save money on your grocery bill
• How to include variety in your diet
• How to pick the freshest produce
• How to be confident that you’re choosing the healthiest food for you and your family.

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from $299 / session

Kitchen Food Makeover

Looking to give your fridge and cupboards a Nutrition Makeover? In combination with a grocery store tour, we will work together to fill your kitchen with healthful foods for you and your family. Let's set you up on the right path to eating better and learning how to read labels and make better choices for yourself and your family.
With this package you will learn:
• Initial Nutrition Assessment (30 minutes)
• How to identify and limit temptations in your kitchen (1.5 hours)
• How to read nutrition labels
• How to set yourself up for meal prep success
• Personalized Grocery Store Tour (1 hour)
• How to best store your foods

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Cancellation Policy

Twenty-four (24) hours notice is needed to cancel/reschedule your appointment. This allows our office to seek a replacement. If 24 hours notice is not provided, a fee of $75.00 will be charged to you.

Health Insurance Coverage

Many extended medical insurance plans cover nutrition counselling by a Registered Dietitian. Check your plan to see what is covered for you. If your plan does not cover the services of a Registered Dietitian, save your receipt for a non-refundable tax credit.

The following insurance companies/programs may offer coverage of up to $1000 annually for Registered Dietitian services:

Blue Cross
Chambers of Commerce Group
Great West Life
Green Shield Canada
Liberty Health
ManuLife Financial
Sun Life
Warren Shepell Employee Assistance Program



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