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Why Your Weight is Not a Problem

There is so much pressure to be a particular body size and this is often perpetuated by family, friends, social media and even our medical communities. Unfortunately, many people face significant discrimination based on their body size and it can feel like the only answer is to try to lose weight. Here are three of many reasons why you don’t need to worry about your weight.

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How to Read a Nutrition Label

Most packaged foods have a nutrition label and an ingredients list that can help you make informed choices about the foods you are purchasing, but understanding them can sometimes be complicated.

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Prebiotics & Probiotics: What You Need To Know

We have many microorganisms that live in our gut. These include bacteria, viruses, and fungi. You might think of bacteria as harmful and dangerous, and while some bacteria are bad for you, there are also good bacteria that are beneficial to the body and help improve your overall health.

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